Jeffrey Derico

I grew up with three brothers and my parents in northeast Ohio and we spent a lot of time cutting and stacking firewood, mowing the yard, picking up rocks in the garden, pruning the apple trees, mulching flower beds—I think chores were my parents’ go-to move to keep the three of us boys busy and to make sure we were tired enough to go to sleep at night. Growing up in God’s country means I am a loyal fan of the Browns, Indians (or now the Guardians), and the Cavaliers. If you are feeling the Spirit leading you to abandon your allegiance to whatever sports team you have been following, I welcome you with open arms to the pain, disappointment, and discouragement that comes with rooting for professional sports teams in Cleveland. With that being said, I am also a fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes, so the college football season tends to be a time of joy, pride, and satisfaction.

I have been married to Carrie for almost 25 years and we have three fantastic children ranging from 20 years old down to 12 years old. We currently live in Sunman, Indiana and attend Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Cleves, Ohio. My hobbies are sports (primarily volleyball, basketball, and indoor soccer), playing cards, yard work, playing a wide range of games with my kids, watching movies in which things tend to blow up, and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and canoeing. I am a preacher’s kid, and I knew from the time I was in junior high that I wanted to dedicate my life to full-time ministry, so I attended college at Cincinnati Christian University (CCU) where I squeezed a four-year ministry degree into four and a half years. I continued on to complete a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree at CCU and then earned a PhD in Leadership from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. I worked at CCU for 9 years after I graduated from college in a variety of admissions, enrollment, and academic administration roles in addition to coaching the women’s volleyball team for one season. After I completed my master’s degree, my family and I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana because I accepted a ministry role at Indian Creek Christian Church where I served as Minister of Adult Discipleship for almost a decade. We moved back to Cincinnati in 2013 when I was offered the Executive Director of Enrollment role at CCU. That opportunity eventually led to me being appointed as CCU’s Dean of the Russell School of Ministry, which was my role when the university closed. I currently serve 4CMI as president, academic vice president, and professor of the Biblical Foundations for Ministry course. My favorite things about working with 4CMI are getting to interact with our incredible students, teaching the theology course, and being part of an organization that is redefining how people will prepare for effective, relevant, and sustainable ministry in the future. I can be reached via email at and via voice/text at 317.989.4610.