Larry Travis

Have you ever heard–just give me the facts! Well, here they are about me! I am married to Cathy for almost 42 years! I have 2 grown children–Sarah and Josh-of whom I am very proud.  Cathy and I have 3 grandchildren who I wish we had first! ☺ I was called into ministry when I was 21 and have never looked back! That’s 46 years ago. During that time I have served 7 churches both in youth ministry and preaching ministry. I taught at Cincinnati Christian University for 17 years and was Vice President for Leadership for 6 years. For the past 10 years I have taught at Northern Ky. University. I am also the assistant golf coach at NKU. I have traveled to every continent (except Antartica-ice doesn’t count)  and to 42 countries where I have worked with missionaries in colleges and churches. I sit on 5 boards where I help oversee churches, schools, colleges, one hospital, a clinic and several  church planting agencies. At 4CMI where I have worked from the beginning of the ministry, I serve by connecting with churches and students. I also teach a course on Leadership. 

My wife tells me I am terrible at retirement but I hope this doesn’t happen any time soon. I promised the Lord when He called me that I would serve Him all my days and I plan to do that! While my passion is Jesus I am honored to serve Him in the church! I love the church because I know it is still God’s plan to share the gospel with the world! 

On a personal basis I love spending time with my family, traveling, preaching and playing/coaching golf! My life is full and blessed beyond measure! It is truly an honor to serve with 4CMI as we help train the next generation of leaders for the Kingdom!!