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Many people have sensed a call from God to enter the ministry but have not responded due to the busyness of life, a lack of confidence and training, or a lack of financial resources. At the same time, churches cannot find qualified candidates because fewer people are entering the ministry, nearly 70% of Bible College graduates leave for a secular career within seven years of entering the ministry, and many current ministers are approaching retirement age. These realities are creating a leadership crisis that, left unchecked, will result in thousands of churches choosing to close their doors forever and many more that are unable to effectively carry out the Great Commission in their neighborhoods.

Innovative Solutions

The antidote to the looming crisis is a pipeline of biblical, relevant, and sustainable ministers who have demonstrated capacity to effectively lead churches and Christian nonprofits. 4C Ministry Institute has developed a unique training model that is specially designed to produce those high-capacity ministers, through a combination of classroom courses, hands-on residency experiences, and intensive discipleship.

A Flipped Script…and Classroom

Traditional ministry classes can be heavy on theory and philosophy but light on practical and relevant application of the material to ministry contexts. We believe there is a better approach, so we flipped our classrooms. That means reading and assignments are completed outside of class which frees up face-to-face course time for our credentialed and ministry-veteran professors to help students understand key concepts and practice applying them to real-life ministry scenarios. Learn more about our courses by clicking here.

Work-Based Learning

One of the most cited challenges among ministers is the struggle to plan and execute relevant ministry. There are several factors that contribute to this reality, an important one being that ministers also consistently state that their Bible College education failed to adequately prepare them for the day-to-day challenges of ministry. Our program is designed to instill confidence and demonstrated skills through more than 1,700 hours of hands-on supervised experience in a church or Christian nonprofit. Learn more about residency by clicking here.

Replicable Discipleship

A common characteristic among effective and sustainable ministries is an observable pattern of discipleship. It is essential for discipleship to be ingrained in any ministry’s organizational culture because it is the primary engine that powers the mission, leadership development pipeline, and engagement in the neighborhood. Our students complete a rigorous two-year discipleship program that ensures they experience personal discipleship and that they are able to replicate discipleship in others. Learn more about out discipleship by clicking here.

Zero Cost to Students

The rising cost of higher education is a barrier that prevents people who feel called to ministry from receiving the training they desire and need. Equally tragic is that financial stress due to educational debt is one of the top reasons why nearly 70% of Bible College graduates leave the ministry within the first seven years. We strive to generate healthy families and freedom to focus on ministry instead of financial stress by providing our training at zero cost to students through generous partners. Donate today!

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